Health Equity

Southwestern AHEC, Inc.

2014 - $50,000

Community Health Workers (CHWs) represent a powerful workforce to improve health equity. They are underutilized, however, because they hold a variety of job titles, not connected to one another, and do not have a sustainable funding mechanism. Consequently, the capacity of CHWs to improve the health of our state’s most vulnerable communities hasn’t been fully realized.

The Connecticut Area Health Education Center (CT AHEC) network seeks to expand the role of CHWs in the state. With this grant, they will develop a statewide CHW task force that includes stakeholders and CHWs to define and identify the workforce, its future, and sustainable funding streams. A collaborative group will create comprehensive curricula for CHWs, and CT AHEC will develop a state advisory committee to provide oversight and recommendations to the legislature about CHWs.

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