Health Equity

Texas Health Institute

2014 - $75,000

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers an unprecedented opportunity to close longstanding disparities in care for racially and ethnically diverse communities. Expanding access to care is a centerpiece in achieving this goal, and the ACA includes dozens of other provisions to assist in closing these gaps.
With this grant, the Texas Health Institute, a national leader in health equity programs and research, will develop an “ACA and Health Equity Report Card” for Connecticut to measure the progress of Access Health CT’s efforts to advance equity such as cultural and linguistic competency and access to enrollment.
Once developed, this report card can provide an ongoing set of measures to examine Access Health CT’s performance on five basic measures:
Leadership and governance
Marketplace infrastructure and operations
Navigator/assister program and training
Outreach, education, and enrollment
Measurement and evaluation.
The report card, which has also received grant funding from the California Endowment and the WK Kellogg Foundation, will be used in other states as well.