Health Equity

Third Sector New England

2012 - $200,000

Connecticut ranks among the nation’s worst states in terms of disparities in health, in spite of being near the top of the nation’s lists of wealthiest states. Traditionally, the approach to engage people on this issue has been to appeal to people’s sense of fairness and moral obligation, with little traction to show for it. Research by the founders of GALEWiLL Design, formerly Yellow Brick Road Consulting, shows that it takes a different strategy to appeal to people on this issue. 18 month grant.

Third Sector New England (TSNE) is partnering with GALEWiLL to launch: The Campaign for a Stronger Connecticut,” which builds on a previous body of work GALEWiLL did with the Connecticut Health Foundation. The grant will support the development and dissemination of an online toolkit and collateral materials, as well as provide for technical assistance.