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What We’ve Been Reading This Week (April 6th, 2012)

We’re all business this week in our reading. That doesn’t mean you can’t suggest some “fun” reading in the comments!

Patricia Baker recommends these articles by consultants Chris Keevil and John Martinof Wellspring Consulting:

The first article shares the seven elements of successful alliances, and the second discusses an alliance that regained momentum when they implemented these seven elements. Patricia also mentioned reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest but this has not been verified.

Elizabeth Krause read Beyond the Veneer of Strategic Philanthropy (pdf). Says Elizabeth, this is a must read for foundation folks or those interested in the philosophical funding questions that we grapple with.  The article calls on grantmakers to examine the disconnects between intent and practice.

Carol Pollack is our A+ student this week. She’s been reading:

Jenn Whinnem read Data And…. a blog post by Lucy Bernholz. What struck a chord with me was the idea “Let’s get past the false dichotomy between data and stories and get on with making change happen.” Data need stories, and stories need data. The post contains some web tools I hadn’t known about before.

That’s us…how about you?