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  1. Why some Black parents are hesitant to send their kids back to in-person learning, and more in this week’s roundup

    Some Black parents say remote learning gives racism reprieve
    Christine Fernando, ABC News, May 4
    As schools reopen across the country, Black…


  2. Telemedicine and family doctors, barriers to dental care for people with developmental disorders, and more in this week’s roundup

    Dental care is tough to find for people with autism, other developmental disorders
    David Tuller, The Washington Post, April 22


  3. Sky-high facility fees at local hospitals, giant retailers replacing your primary care doctor and more in this week’s roundup

    health equity
    Why America’s black mothers and babies are in a life-or-death crisis
    Linda Villarosa, The New York Times Magazine, April 11


  4. Week of January 29, 2018

    health care innovation
    Homeless patients get novel treatment from Chicago hospitals: housing
    Miles Bryan, WBEZ News Chicago, January 5 Glen Baker…


  5. (Primary) Care…No Matter What.

    Today’s blog post comes from one of our grantees and longtime partners, Susan Lloyd Yolen, Vice President, Public Policy & Advocacy, Planned…


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