Briefs and Reports

Grantee Publication: The Power of Data Consumer Involvement and Accountability for Connecticut’s All Payer Claim Database (APCD)


Jean Rexford, Ellen Andrews, PhD and Brenda Shipley, MA

Executive Summary:

The State of Connecticut is currently engaged in the development of a database that will consolidate – for the first time – data for health encounters across every provi der, facility, plan , and health claim payer. The All Payer Claim Database (APCD) is the federally funded underpinning for evidence – based reforms to achieve Triple Aim goals of reducing costs, increasing quality, and improving patient experience. Access to data can influence economic and equity analysis, health systems quality and outcomes benchmarking, and consumer transparency.

Key findings:

  1. APCDs are providing consumers access to patient safety and quality reports to make informed healthcare decisions
  2. Health equity /disparities researchers are working together in data, cost, and quality collaboratives
  3. NIH is funding health data research using the APCD
  4. State cost and quality councils are utilizing APCD data to regulate hospital performance and reimbursement
  5. APCDs are predominantly operating within state agencies, independent of health insurance exchanges
  6. Opportunities for engaging stakeholders to influence the design and implementation of Connecticut’s APCD