Our Philosophy

As a learning organization, we’ve come to appreciate that a lack of clarity on our part does not serve our grantees or our foundation. We strive to be completely clear as to what piece of the problem we’re here to address, even if that means we can’t get at the whole of health equity.

Simply put, our mission is to improve the health status of people in Connecticut, specifically helping more people of color and underserved communities gain access to affordable and high quality care. We aim to make qualitative and measurable differences in the health and well being of individuals and families, and as an organization, we pledge to work toward this goal with superior transparency, responsiveness, accessibility and fairness.

CT Health serves as a catalyst in our state, building consensus and coalitions to create sustainable health system improvements. We believe in the power of systems change, and follow what we call our theory of change as a guideline to achieving successful outcomes.

CT Health Core Principles

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