Health Leadership Fellows Program

We will not be recruiting for and convening a 2016 class of our Health Leadership Fellows program. However, we will continue to engage our existing network of Fellows in ongoing activities.

The Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) established its Leadership Fellows program in 2005. The 2015 class, now in session, marks the tenth year of this flagship program. In June of 2015, we will have effectively graduated 200 health equity leaders from our program. We are proud of how our Fellows lead and influence their surrounding environments to make health care more equitable in Connecticut.

2014 marked the second year of the foundation’s new strategic plan in which we narrowed our focus to expanding health equity through implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The fact of the matter is that the landscape of health care is changing rapidly. The foundation’s strategic shift last year is an acknowledgement of and adaptation to that reality. As we approach the ten-year mark of the Health Leadership Fellows program, we’ve begun an evaluation of the program. At its heart CT Health is a learning organization. What this means is we strongly believe in taking the time to assess the work we’ve done to inform the work we’ll do in the future. The ten-year evaluation of the Fellows program will be rigorous, and the results are slated to come in June of 2015.

We feel passionately the next class of Fellows should incorporate the learnings from our evaluation in its design and in its leaders. After much consideration, the foundation and its Board of Directors have chosen to place the class year component of the program on hiatus. As such, we will not convene a 2016 class of Fellows.

What will the program look like for a class of 2017? At this time, we don’t know. We want to build the future of the program in a way that’s responsive to what we’ve learned, without preconceived notions of what it should be. We expect to share a summary of the results this summer.

One thing is certain. Leadership will always be critical to achieving our shared mission of improving the health status of Connecticut residents. Our network of Fellows remain valuable to the foundation, and our work with graduates of the program will not be a part of this pause. We will continue to engage our Fellows during this gap year.

If you have questions during this time, please contact Vice President of Program Tiffany Donelson at

January 20, 2015