Event Sponsorship Application Guidelines

About Event Sponsorship

The Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) accepts sponsorship requests from nonprofit organizations and public entities for health-related events that are aligned with CT Health’s strategic priorities and that present opportunities to increase the foundation’s reach and recognition with priority audiences.

We have a limited amount of funding each year to support special events such as:

CT Health defines a sponsorship as a mutually beneficial arrangement or partnership whereby CT Health contributes funds in return for recognition, acknowledgement, other promotional consideration, and/or presentation opportunity.

Sponsorships come in different forms such as:

The typical level of support is in the $200-$1,000 range.  A higher level of sponsorship may be considered when the event offers exceptional subject matter alignment and high CT Health visibility.


Questions to Ask Yourself to Help Determine if your Sponsorship Request is a Good Fit

Applying for Sponsorship or Advertisement

Sponsorship requests may be submitted throughout the year and will be reviewed at least bi-monthly.  Please submit your request at least 60 days before your event; 90 days is preferable.

By mail: Pat Baker, Re:  Event Sponsorship Request, Connecticut Health Foundation, 100 Pearl Street, Hartford, CT 06103

By e-mail: Pat@cthealth.org, carbon copy Rosie@cthealth.org, please put “Event Sponsorship Request” in the subject

Please submit your standard event materials and sponsor information.  Please provide a supplement (no more than one page) with the following information if not already addressed in the standard materials:  

 Information about event organizer:  

  1. Tax ID Number (EIN) 
  2. Name and mission of the event organizer 
  3. Contact person’s name, title, telephone number and email address 
  4. Organizational diversity chart: 
Organizational Diversity Chart

Show total # and % for each  (i.e. 25/10%)

Board Members

Indicate board chair with *


Indicate Exec Dir/CEO with *



(if membership organization)

People Served

(if direct services provided)

Total Number
Diversity by Race/Ethnicity
  African American/Black
 American Indian or Alaska Native
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander

Information about event: 

  1. Title and brief description
  2. Brief explanation of how the event is aligned with CT Health’s priorities 
  3. Date, time, and location
  4. Target audience (# of anticipated attendees and brief qualitative description) 
  5. If the event is a fundraiser, who are the end beneficiaries of funds raised? 
  6. Specific sponsorship opportunities and sponsor recognition benefits 
  7. [If applicable] Please note if there is a special opportunity for the foundation to participate on the event’s program