Expanding Health Equity

What is health equity? If there were an easy answer to that question, there would also probably be an easy solution. But in reality, health equity is a complex and evolving concept.

While there is no universal definition, health equity is generally understood as the realization of systems and conditions that enable all people—especially those who have experienced inequity—to achieve good health. That being said, we look at things a little differently, working to move beyond terms and language into real, meaningful action.

We see health equity not just an aspiration, but as a framework for understanding problems and generating solutions that will help more people, especially populations of color, gain access to better health care.

Our approach to expanding health equity is simple. We will leverage our resources and relationships so more people can:

1) Get Enrolled
Help people get enrolled and stay enrolled in an affordable health insurance plan.

2) Navigate the System
Once they are enrolled, show people how to navigate the health care system to get the care they need, when they need it. This includes bringing care to where they are, including community health centers, hospital clinics and school-based health centers.

3) Access Better Care
Ensure providers are offering affordable, comprehensive care, including mental, oral and physical health.

An Exciting Transition

If you’re familiar with CT Health, you may have noticed some recent changes to our strategic plan. In the past, we had three key priority areas: children’s mental health, oral health and racial and ethnic health disparities. Now we are following our obligation to go deeper, and the Affordable Care Act acts as a lever by which we and our partners can improve the health of Connecticut residents. We are moving away from categorical funding and shifting our focus to health equity as the common thread that unites numerous health care problems affecting Connecticut communities. CT Health is dedicated to contributing our energy to the piece of the puzzle that we can influence the most.

To learn more about our transition, visit our How We’ve Evolved section.

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