Health Equity

Access Health CT

2023 - $40,000

This grant will support Access Health CT, the state’s health insurance exchange, in conducting a survey of people whose Medicaid enrollment ends, with the goal of understanding why they are no longer covered by Medicaid, whether they secured other coverage, how to better connect eligible people to public coverage options, and how minimize the number of people who go uninsured. This survey will occur against the backdrop of the Medicaid “unwinding,” a 12-month process started last spring following the end of a COVID-19 pandemic policy that allowed anyone eligible for Medicaid to remain covered. With the end of that policy, more than 500,000 Connecticut residents must have their Medicaid eligibility renewed, and some are at risk of losing coverage through the process even if they still qualify. Access Health CT is seeking to eliminate gaps in coverage and assure that eligible residents stay covered, and intends to use the survey results to help people who are eligible stay covered, help those who no longer quality for Medicaid enroll in other coverage, and minimize the number of people who become uninsured.

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