Health Equity

Access Health CT

2013 - $125,000

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a law intended to get more people enrolled in health insurance. Misinformation and lack of awareness about the value of the ACA, however, has created a need for robust outreach and education at grassroots levels.

As outlined in the ACA, the Navigator and In-Person Assister Program (NIPA) is a comprehensive outreach program designed to coordinate community-based in-person enrollment, outreach and education activities throughout the state. The NIPA program will train trusted community advisers and influencers to share information about why health insurance is important. The program will work with people to empower them to choose and use the benefits for which they are eligible that improve the health of their families.

This grant will support AHCT in enrolling the uninsured in health insurance, with a focus on increasing enrollment for people of color. In addition, the grant will serve to help to build data and accountability capacity by identifying sustainable datasets and committing to measurable outcomes in decreasing health disparities in insurance coverage and increasing access to quality care.

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