Health Equity

Charter Oak Health Center

2023 - $150,000

This funding will support the second year of a three-year project designed to demonstrate the return-on-investment of community health worker services in supporting children with asthma. The intervention is focused on children whose asthma required hospitalization, emergency or urgent care, or who were identified as high risk by a health care provider. Over a four-month period, a community health worker visits the child’s family at home multiple times and works with the child’s primary care provider to create a care plan. The community health worker can also provide supplies to help reduce asthma triggers and helps coordinate services to meet other needs such as transportation, food insecurity, housing, and health care coverage. The intervention is intended to help families better control their children’s asthma, leading to reduced emergency department visits and fewer school absences. The intervention is one of four models for community health worker services identified by researchers in 2017 as ways to improve health and produce a positive return-on-investment.

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