President's Discretionary

Connecticut Department of Social Services

2020 - $19,900

The Connecticut Department of Social Services, which runs the state’s Medicaid program, is working to improve outcomes and address disparities in maternal outcomes. Medicaid covers more than 40 percent of births in Connecticut, and in spite of efforts to improve maternity care through Medicaid, the rates of C-sections among Black members have not changed. Among Medicaid members, Black women are also much more likely than others to have adverse maternal outcomes. The Department of Social Services is now working to develop a Medicaid maternity bundle that could cover services including those provided by midwives, doulas, and community health workers, as well as a nationally recognized breastfeeding initiative. This funding will support the Department of Social Services in engaging a consultant to help develop the bundle, including by incorporating national best practices, working with Connecticut stakeholders, and conducting research and analysis to inform the design.

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