Health Policy/Advocacy

Connecticut State Medical Society

2011 - $100,000

Physicians, like most of us, are more receptive to new ideas coming from someone within their profession. The Connecticut State Medical Society (CSMS) is betting that cultural competency training from physicians will resonate with medical school residents. CT Health provided a $100,000 grant to develop, pilot and evaluate a residency preceptor training program that fosters cultural competency knowledge and skills through physician-peer support. Under this “train the trainer” model, ten preceptors or physician instructors from private or group practice and hospital residency programs, will complete a core training program lead by physician experts in cultural competency. These preceptors, who work closely with medical school residents for a period of time, will share their knowledge of cultural competency in clinical settings. Based on results of a previous CT Health grant funding to expand the role of organized medicine in addressing racial and ethnic health disparities, CSMS hopes new physicians “with specific training in cultural sensitivity and effective communications” can, over time, improve health outcomes of people of color.

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