Health Equity

Connecticut State Medical Society

2014 - $76,625

Significant racial and ethnic disparities exist in hospital readmission rates of African-American and Latino patients compared to White patients in 9 out of 10 major diagnostic categories, according to research conducted by the CT State Medical Society (CSMS). Two conditionsuncomplicated childbirth and joint replacement surgeryhad the greatest racial disparities in hospital readmissions within 30 days.

CSMS will publicly present this data on disparities in 30-day hospital readmission rates through a state-wide symposium. The symposium will provide an important opportunity for physicians to interpret the data and for patients to share their perceptions. The symposium will serve as a launching point to engage a group of hospitals that will identify and implement evidence-based and evidence-informed practice models to reduce these disparities.

CSMS’ initiative is aligned with CT Health’s health equity objective of increasing system accountability by advancing the development and integration of quality standards and measurement protocols into primary care delivery models.

This grant will support CSMS in staffing, planning and facilities costs related to the symposium and evidenced-based practices work.

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