Health Equity

Make the Road CT

2023 - $65,000

Connecticut has significantly reduced the number of state residents without health insurance in the past decade, but approximately 175,000 people remain without coverage. Among those most likely to lack coverage are undocumented residents, most of whom are ineligible for Medicaid – known as HUSKY in Connecticut – or to buy coverage through the state’s health insurance exchange.

Make the Road CT is part of a coalition of advocacy organizations has been working in recent years toward policy changes to assure that all immigrants have access to coverage. Following their earlier advocacy efforts, Connecticut opened access to HUSKY to all children under 13, regardless of immigration status, beginning this year. Starting July 1, 2024, the age limit will rise to 15. Coverage is also available to undocumented residents who are pregnant and postpartum, if they meet income guidelines.

With this grant, Make the Road CT will undertake work including community education, story collection, advocacy training, and coalition building, focused on immigrant and working-class communities. The organization will host educational workshops on health care access and eligibility issues and train members in sharing their stories about the effects of not having health care coverage.

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