Health Equity

Wheeler Clinic, Inc.

2014 - $100,000

Individuals experiencing serious mental health challenges are at a high risk for co-morbid health conditions, or engage in high-risk behaviors, utilize emergency care at a high rate and are unlikely to have a primary care provider. While Connecticut is currently designing a health home model to address disparities in care for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness, the model will not address the needs of thousands of individuals with serious mental illness.

Wheeler Clinic, a community-based organization that provides a comprehensive continuum of behavioral health recovery, has built a framework for the establishment of Health & Wellness Centers in three cities. These centers provide primary and behavioral health care and a suite of related services.

With this grant, Wheeler Clinic will develop core metrics, data analysis, and data exchange components for the centers. Data stratified by race, ethnicity, and language will be collected to guide continuous improvement and inform statewide systems efforts to reduce disparities in care.

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