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2023 Open Enrollment Toolkit

Help spread the word and get people covered!

Having health insurance is key to being able to get health care. Although Connecticut has a low uninsured rate, significant gaps persist, especially for residents of color. Increasing awareness about the options that exist for health coverage in Connecticut can help more people get covered.

Access Health CT, the state’s health insurance marketplace, helps people learn about their options for health insurance. This year, the open enrollment window to sign up for health care coverage is November 1st through January 15th. Financial help and some plans are only available through Access Health CT.

Thanks to changes in public policy, there are several options for financial assistance. People who previously decided to forgo coverage because of cost concerns may benefit from taking a second look.

In addition, some residents may be eligible for the Covered Connecticut program, which offers no-cost coverage, including medical and dental benefits and non-emergency medical transportation.

In this toolkit, you’ll find:

The changes that took place in recent years are complicated, and many people haven’t heard of terms like “the Inflation Reduction Act” or “Covered Connecticut.” We’ve tried to use clear messages about the coverage options that exist and to explain Covered Connecticut. We hope these messages will be useful to share and help get people covered.

For questions or comments about this year’s toolkit, please contact Stephanie Lomangino, communications officer, at:

Key messages

  • The open enrollment period to sign up for health insurance through Access Health CT is from November 1, 2022, to January 15, 2023.
  • Free help is available by phone, live online chat, and in-person.
  • Access Health CT offers many options for health insurance, including plans that offer no-cost coverage as well as financial assistance for those who qualify.
  • Covered Connecticut is a no-cost coverage option available to those who qualify. This coverage includes medical and dental insurance, and rides to medical visits.
  • Enrollment for both HUSKY and Covered Connecticut is open all year.
  • Financial help is widely available. People who previously decided to forgo coverage due to cost might be surprised by the options available now.

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These are 1-pagers about open enrollment and a new program called Covered Connecticut.

This is a 1-pager with key details about the 2022 open enrollment period.










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This is a photo of an Asian man sitting at a table with a Hispanic woman who is helping him sign up for health insurance. There are other employees and signage out of focus in the background. There is text at the bottom of the picture that reads: "Check your options for health coverage today. Sign up by Jan. 15 at" This is a purple graphic with a illustration of a woman working at a desk while on the phone. The text reads: "It's time to check out your options for health insurance! Open enrollment through Access Health CT is from November 1 to January 15. To learn more, visit"






This is a graphic on a light purple background with a checklist taped onto the background. The text reads: "It's time to get covered! Make sure you have what you need to enroll in health insurance." The list has bullets of documents needed to sign up for insurance. At the bottom of the graphic, it reads: "Sign up by January 15 at" There is an illustration person with light brown skin in the right corner of the graphic looking up at the list. This is a picture of a Black man who works for Access Health CT talking with someone who is out of frame. There is text over the photo that reads: "Covered Connecticut offers no-health coverage to residents who qualify. Learn more at"










This is a square graphic with a teal background that reads: "Covered Connecticut offers no-cost health insurance to residents who qualify. Learn more at" There is an illustration of a clipboard with medical icons and a dollar sign with a pen next to it at the bottom of the clipboard. This is a square graphic with the text that reads: "Signing up for health insurance and not sure where to start? Free help is available. Learn more at" In the center of the graphic, there is an illustration of a phone and icons around it. There is an illustration of a person with light brown skin who is shrugging his shoulders looking confused.









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