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Towards Health Equity in Connecticut: The Role of Social Inequality and the Impact of COVID-19

Towards Health Equity in Connecticut: The Role of Social Inequality and the Impact of COVID-19, offers an in-depth analysis of the factors underlying widespread health inequities in Connecticut, such as discrimination, poverty, and access to community resources. Among the most pronounced results of these are the gaps in life expectancy, where people born in neighborhoods just a few miles apart may see life expectancy gaps of up to 20 years. The report focuses on five social determinants of health: education & economic stability, nutrition & hunger, housing & the physical environment, health care coverage & affordability, and the social context of health care. Each of these categories draws on relevant indicators from a wide range of data sources, including DataHaven’s interviews with over 32,000 randomly-selected individuals across Connecticut.

The report also discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the social forces that influence health and well-being and how these inequities must be addressed in order to help communities recover and promote community resilience.

The report’s Appendix A contains a new analysis of locally-specific data by race and ethnicity for communities throughout Connecticut.

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Authors: Kelly Davila, Mark Abraham, and Camille Seaberry, DataHaven