Health Equity

Christian Community Action

2014 - $50,000

In January of 2014, thousands of Connecticut residents who were previously ineligible for health insurance will, for the first, time have access to care, thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). For many of these residents, this will be the first time they are using the health care system in a meaningful way, and will need assistance in navigating the complexities. Additionally, to date, the implementation of the ACA has not been without its own challenges; should that continue to be the case in 2014, these individuals will need even more support.

Christian Community Action (CCA) proposes to collect stories and experiences from and mobilize low-income individuals and families to influence the establishment of a consumer centered and consumer informed health care system. CCA will use these stories to create compelling, “person centered”recommendations that they will present to Connecticut policy makers and advocates.

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