Health Equity

Greater Hartford Legal Aid, Inc.

2015 - $248,000

Oral health issues are not at the forefront of integration or health equity conversations and there are few oral health leaders in Connecticut who are dedicated solely to the advocacy for health.

Greater Hartford Legal Aid, Inc. (GHLA), which was established over 50 years ago, is a highly respected advocacy organization in Connecticut with a focus on providing legal support and fighting for the rights of low income communities.

GHLA will develop and support a health equity fellowship program that will focus on building oral health equity and integration in Connecticut. The program will aim to develop a leader that will be focused on and committed to oral health issues. One fellow will be selected by GHLA to participate in the program. The fellowship program will include rotations at various advocacy, government, and non-profit organizations that are focused on promoting oral health issues and organizations that are committed to the integration of oral and physical health services for vulnerable populations. The goal of the program is to produce a thought leader who is committed to remaining vigilant in advocating for oral healthy equity and integration through policy and systems changes in Connecticut.

GHLA’s initiative aligns with CT Health’s health equity objective to bolster the leadership capacity of key stakeholders, organizations and coalitions to advocate for policies and regulations that maintain and improve oral health access for low- income families.

Grant funds will support personnel funds, stipends to support the rotation sites, leadership training for the fellow, and travel and administrative expenses for the fellow.

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