Health Equity

Greater Waterbury Health Partnership

2019 - $75,000

Greater Waterbury Health Partnership, working with Center for Human Development and New Opportunities, Inc., Waterbury: These organizations will work together to create a community care team, a model for bringing together health care and social service providers to better address all the needs of people who frequently seek emergency room care. Waterbury’s two hospitals, Saint Mary’s and Waterbury Hospital, are currently overwhelmed by readmissions and unnecessary emergency room visits because patients’ nonmedical needs are not being met in a systemic way. The Greater Waterbury Health Partnership – which includes funding from both hospitals and the local community health center StayWell Health Care – has looked into creating a community care team but found significant challenges related to sharing data about patients between different health care providers and community-based organizations. The funding from the Connecticut Health Foundation will help the hospitals, StayWell, and the community-based organizations to develop the infrastructure necessary to create a community care team that can successfully share patient data and address patients’ medical, behavioral health, and nonmedical needs, particularly housing and transportation.

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