Health Equity

Hartford Hospital

2024 - $63,000

With funding from the Connecticut Health Foundation, Hartford Hospital will make changes to policies to better integrate doulas into patient care teams. This pilot is intended to improve maternal health outcomes for people of color.

Doulas provide emotional and physical support for pregnant people before, during, and after childbirth. They are not always medical professionals, but act as advocates for the birthing parent. Research has shown that doulas can help improve maternal health outcomes, including reducing the number of cesarean sections and premature deliveries. The current health care system needs to improve its support, promotion, and integration of doulas. The goal of this pilot program is designed to do just that at Hartford Hospital, with plans and hopes to eventually expand it to the entire Hartford HealthCare system.

The $63,000 grant will allow Hartford Hospital to work with community-based doulas and community organizations to study and adjust how to welcome doulas into the hospital. That includes rewriting the hospital’s policies to make doulas an integral part of a patient’s care team. Funding will also be used for training and education for hospital staff on the role of doulas and how to collaborate with them.

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