Health Equity

Hispanic Alliance of Southeastern Connecticut

2014 - $50,000

In partnership with the African American Health Council, the Hispanic Alliance of Southeastern Connecticut (Hispanic Alliance) is one of four pilot communities involved in the Connecticut Health Foundation’s (CT Health) initiative to support diverse advocacy and consumer engagement in health reform. By engaging more organizations led by and serving consumers of color in health reform, the state’s health care access and delivery system transformations will be better positioned to equitably serve all Connecticut residents.

The Hispanic Alliance is a community-based organization headquartered in New London, CT, committed to working in the areas of social, civil, and culture within the Hispanic community in Southeastern, CT. The Hispanic Alliance will conduct two cycles of qualitative data collection and analysis of newly insured and uninsured individuals followed by reporting and advocacy with a goal of reducing or eliminating systemic barriers in Access Health CT, the Department of Social Services and the local hospital and community health center systems.

The Hispanic Alliance’s initiative is aligned with CT Health’s health equity goals of developing and utilizing methods and strategies to bring voices of consumes of color to key health reform decision making tables and organizations; and creating and maintaining opportunities for newly insured consumers of color to provide feedback to continuously improve consumer experience of health reform implementation.

Grant funds will cover staffing costs and meeting expenses.

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