Health Equity

National Alliance on Mental Illness Connecticut

2015 - $30,000

Fragmented systems of care often result in poor outcomes and higher costs. Vulnerable populations that include people of color, ethnic minorities and low-income visuals, experience worse health outcomes because they are the most likely to forgo needed care.

The Keep the Promise Coalition (KTP) which is under the Connecticut Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI CT) umbrella works to promote effective policies and systems change strategies to improve mental health care in the state.

KTP will address the needs that underlie the SIM plan, using the vehicle of SIM as the focus of their 2015 advocacy efforts. They will help to guide and influence the implementation of SIM to ensure that it focuses on both physical health and mental health for children, youth and adults; community health and health disparities are made priorities throughout the SIM decision-making process; Medicaid enrollees and other groups with complex needs.

NAMI’s initiative is aligned with the health equity objectives of fostering the inclusion of mental, oral and physical health in an integrated health care system and maximizing the role of the safety-net in an integrated health care system.

Grant funds will support personnel expenses.

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