Video: Peer Support: A Day in the Life — Promotores de Salud & Community Health Workers

What are community health workers and how do they help people with diabetes? Hear from community health workers themselves, as well as the people they work with and physicians who count on them to help connect with their patients to better manage their conditions.

“It has to do with culture. I might understand the disease very well, but I don’t understand the social dynamics of the patient in the house. I won’t get those details. Now I understand why he can’t do certain things or she can’t do certain things,” says Dr. Abdul Bhurgri of the Alivio Medical Center in Chicago.

This video was created by Peers for Progress, which works to accelerate the adoption of best practices in peer support as a key part of health, health care, and prevention. It is a program of the Department of Health Behavior in the Gillings School of Global Public Health and the Department of Family Medicine in the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.