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Town by Town, How the Affordable Care Act has Benefited Connecticut

covering ct 2014 1Election day is November 4th, 2014 this year. It’s a gubernatorial election, and 109 of our 151 state House members and 28 of our 36 state Senators face opposition from a major party.

In other words, it’s a great opportunity for us to provide objective, credible information about how Connecticut residents have been positively affected by statewide efforts to increase access to health insurance coverage and kids’ dental care.

We created a “Covering Connecticut 2014: Because coverage is the foundation for good health” packet and sent them to all candidates last week. What follows is:

We’ve received early feedback that this information was very helpful, so we are providing it here as well. We encourage you to share with those who would benefit from this information.

Covering Connecticut 2014: Because coverage is the foundation for good health

The Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) has recognized the tremendous opportunity for building a better, healthier Connecticut through the landmark reforms written into the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As Connecticut has led the nation in the implementation of health reform, CT Health has been pleased to support several of the state’s key initiatives:

  • Access Health CT’s navigator program in Fairfield, Hartford, and New Haven counties, which provided in-person enrollment help so people could understand insurance and financial assistance options
  • Formative consultation for Access Health Analytics, the state’s all payer claims database
  • Consultation for the Department of Children and Families Behavioral Health Plan for the State of Connecticut (PA 13-178), which will be issued in October

As was announced recently, Connecticut’s enrollment efforts have been so successful that the uninsured rate was cut in half. Now that over 250,000 residents have quality, affordable health insurance, they have a fair shot at taking ownership of their health.

Having healthcare coverage is an important first step in improving the health and wellbeing of Connecticut residents. Thanks to the ACA:

  • No one can be denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition
  • Children can stay on their parents’ insurance until the age of 26
  • Women pay the same rate as men for their health insurance premiums
  • Preventative services, like physicals and mammograms, are covered at no cost to the consumer

And we cannot go back. We cannot go back to a time when consumers could be denied coverage, and when consumers would, due to cost, delay care until it was too late.

We have much more to do to ensure health equity for every Connecticut resident and CT Health is committed to continuing to transform healthcare to be more affordable, of higher quality, and more responsive to the people who need it.

In this candidate briefing packet, you will find:

As both a funder and health reform expert, we hope that you will consider CT Health a resource.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at 860.724.1580 or or You can find us online at or on Twitter @cthealth.

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