Children's Mental Health

Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance

2011 - $75,000

Fiscal Agent: Regional Youth/Adult Substance Abuse Project. The Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance (CTJJA) was awarded a $75,000 grant. Many court referrals come from schools, both for delinquency behaviors as well as for status offenders who are truant or otherwise “beyond control.” Many, though not all, juvenile justice-involved youth have a behavioral health issue or need, and research continues to illustrate the prevalence of trauma and mental health issues in the lives of these youth. There are, however, more effective and less costly ways to address the needs of these young people.

The Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance’s (CJJA) mission is to reduce the number of children and youth entering the juvenile justice system and to advocate for a safe, effective, and fair system for those involved. In 2012, the Connecticut Health Foundation’s general operating grant will help CJJA continue to focus on reducing school-based arrests, by working with stakeholders and state-level partners to address this issue.

Other Grants: