Health Policy/Advocacy

Connecticut News Project

2011 - $125,000

A well-informed citizenry is central to democracy, and yet, in the past 10 years, there has been a dramatic decline in the amount health news reporting and a decrease of dedicated health reporters. To address this gap, CT Health is supporting a second year of funding for a full-time health reporter in Connecticut and a part-time health reporter in Washington, D.C., for The CT Mirror, the go-to online news source regarding state policy, budgets, and administration. The first year of funding resulted in the publication of 200 original stories on health, 160 stories with a Washington, D.C., dateline. With a second year of funding, will report on a multitude of health topics, including federal health reform rules and regulations, state health reform implementation, barriers in access to health including mental and oral health, and disparities in health care quality.

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