Health Policy/Advocacy

Connecticut News Project

2012 - $100,000

With continuing debate about health care, continued and marked disparities in health outcomes despite soaring health care costs, and dramatic proposals for health reform, it remains critical that Connecticut’s residents and decision makers have access to reliable and comprehensive information about state and federal health policy. CT Health is supporting a third year of funding for a full-time health reporter in Connecticut and a part-time health reporter in Washington, D.C. for or The CT Mirror, the go-to online news source regarding state policy, budgets, and administration.

In its first two years, the Mirror published more than 400 original state and national news articles on health, health policy and health care delivery. With this third year of funding, the Mirror will provide timely, accessible and analytic reporting on such topics as state and federal health reform implementation, barriers in access to health, mental health, and oral health care, and health disparities, to name a few.

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