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  1. Connecticut Health Foundation announces new strategic plan

    The Connecticut Health Foundation is launching a new strategic plan in 2024, beginning the next chapter in the private, independent foundation’s focus on health equity for people of color.


  2. Strategic plan 2024-2028: Frequently asked questions

    What’s in the new plan? What does it mean for my grant? Why did you pick these topics? You might have questions about our new strategic plan. Here are some answers.


  3. Lessons from the pandemic: Reflections on our work at CT Health

    We published a report on lessons we hope state leaders will learn from the pandemic. Here’s what we learned about our own work during the past two years, and what we hope to change.


  4. What on-the-ground outreach taught me about changing systems

    This post is by Ellen Carter, who recently joined the foundation as vice president of program. She explains how her experiences in outreach and at a community foundation shaped her interest in working toward health equity by focusing on the systems that influence everyone.


  5. Ellen Carter joins Connecticut Health Foundation as Vice President of Program

    Ellen Carter, an experienced leader in nonprofits and philanthropy, is joining the Connecticut Health Foundation as vice president of program.


  6. Facing racism: A call to action for philanthropy

    Today’s blog post is from Tiffany Donelson, vice president of program for the Connecticut Health Foundation. In September 2020, she will become the…


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