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Two years in: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic magnified existing health and economic inequities in Connecticut – and provided important lessons and promising practices that Connecticut leaders and others can draw from in working to create a more equitable state.

While the pandemic affected everyone in Connecticut, it took an especially devastating toll on people of color, who faced higher case and death rates and higher rates of economic challenges. These inequities were the result of both the novel coronavirus and historical disparities that existed long before the pandemic.

Two years after Connecticut’s first COVID case, it is critical to take stock of the lessons and consider how to address the inequities that made this crisis particularly painful and deadly. In moving toward recovery from the pandemic, Connecticut can return to a society that resembles the old, deeply inequitable one we had before – or we can incorporate the lessons learned from this experience and produce a stronger, more resilient state.

Author: Arielle Levin Becker
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Everyone has a role to play in making our state more equitable and can apply many of these lessons to their own organizations. Here’s what we learned about our own work during the past two years, and what we hope to change:
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