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Shake the very foundation – The CT Health Foundation at 10 years

For CT Health, shaking the very foundation is the means of achieving its mission. It describes what the organization sets out to do and how it is purposefully built to do it.

Though well-funded from the beginning, CT Health eschewed the traditional charity model and instead chose to invest in change itself. Changing public will. Changing the system. Though built by experienced and accomplished professionals, CT Health chose to expand its collective knowledge and learn even more. And though driven by a sense of urgency, CT Health chose to pursue change deliberately, responsibly, over time. To shake the very foundation. Not break it.

While the first 10 years of CT Health are colored with vivid success stories in this regard, perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of the decade was simply building the foundation. CT Health has been recognized as a leader nationally, with a framework for governance and a manner of pursuing its mission that can serve as a model for other foundations. CT Health is shaking the very foundation of foundation building.