Health Equity

Community Health Center Association of Connecticut, Inc.

2014 - $50,000

Recent evidence shows that primary care, integrated with oral and behavioral health care, results in improved health outcomes and greater efficiencies within the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) health care delivery system.

As a statewide membership organization of FQHCs, the Community Health Center Association of CT (CHCACT) works to advance the common interests of Connecticut’s FQHCs. CHCACT will conduct a survey of its member FQHCs to assess the current levels of integration of health services and determine the need for more extensive integration.

CHCACT’s initiative is aligned with CT Health’s objectives to foster the inclusion of physical, behavioral, and oral health, increasing system accountability, and strengthening the health safety net.

CHCACT will develop metrics to assess the integration of primary care, oral health and behavioral health care appropriate for Connecticut FQHCs. CHCACT will then establish a baseline measure of integration at the centers to develop targets and methods of advancing integration even further.

Grant funds will cover staffing and consulting expenses.

Other Grants: