Health Equity

Community Health Center Association of Connecticut, Inc.

2012 - $25,000

Across the United States, and regardless of types of providers, patients have unfortunately reported low-quality, inconsistent, inaccessible, unaffordable care for years. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides a unique opportunity to overhaul health care in the US. To successfully implement the ACA and other delivery system changes, policy makers and community health center leaders need to hear from the people who use health care services about what they know needs changing. To date, elevating the patient voice has been challenging.

Health center patients are more likely to be people of color, a population that regularly uses mobile technology. The Community Health Center Association of Connecticut, Inc. (CHCACT) proposes “Txt 2B Heard,” a mobile and social media campaign that will engage health center patients in expressing their opinions and perspectives on health care. CHCACT will then develop an infrastructure and dissemination plan for sharing the emergent themes with health center leaders and policy makers on legislative committees of cognizance.

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